Timbertech Composite Decking

Wood Composite Decking by TimberTech Easy to install, low maintenance garden decking


TimberTech offers you an industry-leading line of alternative wood composite decking solutions: more colours, more deck board options, more possibilities - and promises you less worry than wood decking or other composite decks. Because, finally, your ultimate outdoor living space is for living, not working.

Timbertech is the leading UK brand of low maintenance wood composite decking and railing products. Produced from recycled hardwood and polymer resin, Timbertech is the ideal low maintenance decking option that resists everything the British weather can throw at it. The days of dirty/slippery timber decks are gone with Timbertech plastic decking products.

As Timbertech is produced from quality raw materials and the most technologically advanced processing equipment you can be assured that the deck you install will outperform all other decking materials.

TwinFinish® Composite Decking

TimberTech's TwinFinish decking uniquely provides you with two complementary decking surfaces in one board. One side features a textured, grained surface that provides a bold, distinct look that resembles the look and feel of premium timber. The other side features a ridged surface - ideal for picture framing around the decking, accentuating stair treads or even as a means of sprucing up planters.

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TimberTech Composite Decking can be a great alternative to hardwood decking - its eco-friendly, it keeps its colour longer & is very low maintenance...