The Wild Wood Renovations Portfolio

Wild Wood installations have been building a reputation for high quality renovations for several years now. In association with local property investment company 'Indigo Green Ltd' Wild Wood Installations have project managed many property renovations including converting tired studio flats into smart, stunning and fresh new one bed flats. Last Summer Wild Wood had a great opportunity to turn an almost derelict 2 bed flint stone cottage into a stunning 3 bed cottage with open plan kitchen dining area and landscaped gardens.


What Wild Wood does well is to take very tired old properties often with terrible layout and transforms them into stunning looking properties with great living space and with high quality finishes. By bringing together the right materials with innovative designs Wild Wood has made renovation solutions affordable and achievable for all types of properties.


Take a look at some of our renovation projects in our portfolio.


renovation of flint stone cottage

property renovation flint stone cottage

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