Wild Wood introduces new Balcony System

steel and glass balcony system

Overlooking the East Sussex coastline this glass balustrade system allowed for an uninterrupted view of the sea and landscape whilst also keeping maintenance to a minimum.


Wild Wood Installations were asked to provide a high quality, long lasting and low maintenance deck and balustrade system. Our customer opted for balau hardwood decking which was installed using hidden deck clips so that there were no visible fixings throughout. Balcony Systems provided samples of finishes for the balustrade and the anodised bronze finish was chosen for the handrails and posts.

The deck area was built over an existing flat roof on the first floor and with the views right through to the sea, it was clearly very important to make the most of this. This Balcony system with only very small posts and no corner posts means that you can do exactly that. The glass that we used was tinted and self cleaning with a nano scale hydrophobic coating which is factory applied.


This glass balcony system along with our hardwood decking products creates an unbeatable combination of natural wood and contemporary glass.

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