Wild Wood's Associates

Wild Wood Installations take pride in the relationships that they have built with the companies that help to make their job easier and they are happy to promote them as great sources of products and information.

Most of their associates have informative websites which you can visit in order to find further information and advice.


Balcony steel & glass balustrade systems

Balcony Systems

Balcony Systems Solutions Ltd can provide a clean glass balustrade system with minimum uprights and maximum views.


Tel: 0800 979 0808

Timber research and development


The Timber Research and Development Association (TRADA) - is an internationally recognised centre of excellence on the specification and use of timber and wood products. Their aim is to provide members with the highest quality information on timber and wood products.


Tel: +44 (0)1494 569601

flooring association

Contract Flooring Association

The Contract Flooring Association was formed in 1974 by the amalgamation of three small flooring associations: The Floor Covering Contractors Association, whose members specialised primarily in smooth floor coverings.


Tel: 0115 941 1126

timber decking association

Timber Decking Association

The Timber Decking Association (TDA) is an independent advisory body providing guidance on materials specifications and installation practices required for high quality deck and landscape structures.



Our associates websites can be a great source of information. Click on their web addresses to link through to their websites - be sure to come back though!